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HayDay, LLC is a family owned and operated company located in North Idaho. The idea of an automatic hay feeder came from necessity. In 1999 we lived in town and kept our horses on a small acreage outside of town. Driving back and forth several times a day to feed was not only time consuming, it was expensive. Automatic hay feeders were not a new idea, but one that was user friendly and would feed flake hay reliably and consistently was. So, for the next few years we built, tested, modified and retested several different designs.  After several attempts, we finally came up with what we think is the best automatic hay feeder available, and we named it the Stable Grazer®.

In 2003 we applied for, and later received, a US patent. At the end of 2003 we decided to sell our powder coating business to pursue the Stable Grazer full time. In the spring of 2005 we sold our first units. The Stable Grazer has been selling throughout the US and Canada ever since.

Although the original Stable Grazer was very successful we decided we needed to take it one step further. In January of 2007 we contacted High Country Plastics in Caldwell, Idaho about roto-molding  a one piece plastic cabinet and manger. After consulting with them we decided to move forward and designed a mold to create a one piece plastic cabinet/manger.

The Stable Grazer Generation II automatic horse feeder utilizes the same patented drop-down feed door and mechanics as the original Stable Grazer. But now with the plastic cabinet and manger it is even more horse safe, durable and user friendly.

We continue to improve and add to our product line. We are committed to providing the most horse safe, user friendly, durable, versatile and time tested automatic horse feeders available. In other words we want happy customers and we know that it takes a high quality product to accomplish that goal.

Best regards,
HayDay, LLC
Dan Fehringer
Ed Fehringer