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postheadericon Stable Grazer Automatic Hay Feeders

Girl EquestrianFeed your horse the way nature intended with a Stable Grazer® automatic hay feeder! Stable Grazer automatic hay feeders are designed to aid equine enthusiasts with the daily care of their horses. With a Stable Grazer automatic hay feeder you can feed flake hay, chopped hay, pellets, grain and some dry supplements and medications up to six programmable times a day.

Most horse owners realize the health benefits of feeding multiple times a day. But with today’s busy life styles it’s very difficult to feed  twice a day, let alone six times a day. Now with a Stable Grazer automatic horse feeder you can feed your horse in a way that is more like their natural grazing pattern of eating and still maintain your lifestyle.

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postheadericon Stable Grazer - The Chosen One!

How to be the Perfect Horsekeeper BookThe Stable Grazer® automatic hay feeder is one of a select few products chosen by Dr. Karen Hayes to be featured in one of her books. The Stable Grazer is featured prominently in her book, How To Be The Perfect Horsekeeper (book two in the Perfect Stall series), in which she considers it to be "The Perfect Way To Feed A Stabled Horse."

Dr. Hayes, who does not do paid endorsements or accept payment from any of the products she recommends, has spent several years testing horse care products, methods, and concepts, then writing and speaking about them on a nationwide lecture circuit.



postheadericon Stable Grazer Videos

The video below features our original Stable Grazer automatic horse feeder. Since then we have made many changes and improvements. The one thing that has stayed the same is the design of the patented drop-down feed door. Both the Stable Grazer Generation II and Kit automatic hay feeders utilize this same feed door. So, as you watch the video, keep in mind that even though the Generation II and Kit look different, they load and feed exactly the same.

Stable Grazer in Zoos

Stable Grazer automatic hay feeders are currently being used in many zoos throughout the USA and many other countries. The slide show/video below shows some of those uses and also has several Zoo Keeper testimonials.