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insulin resistance

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Insulin Resistance is similar to type 2 diabetes in people. It is a condition where the cells in the body cannot respond to insulin the way they should. Insulin Resistance is a metabolic disorder, not a disease and is controlled with diet and exercise.

The Stable Grazer Helps Manage Insulin Resistance

The owner of the above pictured insulin resistant Friesian gelding was having difficulty managing his weight. A grazing muzzle had proven unsuccessful in getting this horse to slim down. She decided to put him on a strict diet and exercise program. She ramped up his daily exercise and provided him with low carb feed. Since he was now confined to a half acre drylot, she used a Stable Grazer automatic hay feeder to feed him a small amount of timothy hay every four hours. This kept him busier throughout the day and boosted his fiber intake.

The Results


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The results are amazing. After only six weeks he was like a new horse and had lost over 250 pounds. His serum insulin is now within a normal range.