Automatic Feeder Kit


The Stable Grazer Kit automatic feeder includes the patented drop-down feed door and exterior frame. It requires some assembly. This kit is designed to be installed into an enclosure or cabinet of your own choosing (not included). The timer feature allows automatic feedings up to 6 times per day.

The Stable Grazer Kit automatic hay feeder is a timer activated, multiple flake hay feeder. The Kit is battery operated, so there is no need to run power lines, or power outages to worry about. It will feed up to six times before needing refilled. With optional attachments, the Kit can also feed pellets, chopped hay, grain and some dry supplements and medications.

Have It Your Way

The Stable Grazer Kit automatic hay feeder was designed with the D.I.Y individual in mind”. The Kit horse feeder utilizes the same patented drop-down feed door as the Generation II horse feeder but has an external frame. The Kit does not include the cabinet/manger, that’s where your D.I.Y skills come in. Some type of enclosure will need to be built to house the Kit horse feeder. Since you are building the enclosure you can build it with whatever materials you want. Make the enclosure as extravagant or as plain as you want. You can combine the enclosure with your stall front, build it on the side of an outbuilding, or in a hayloft and drop the hay through the floor to the stall below. The choice is yours.

Corrosion Resistant

Aluminum and stainless steel are used in the patented drop-down feed door to help prevent rust and corrosion. The feed shelves are made from tough ABS plastic. Pressurized gas struts aid in closing the feed door from the load position to the operating position.

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